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Inger the Resentful by MorbiusMonster
Inger the Resentful
Aside from her real name, little is known about Johannah Slate. Her origins are unknown, and her resurrection is the work of bad luck and fate. Within the capital of Fur City, Johannah was walking down a seldom used alley way and happened upon a gang of thugs shipping some undesirable goods. Had she walked any other route, she may well have avoided the inevitable. The gang pulled out their weapons and shot her repeatedly in the chest and abdomen, leaving her for dead. Whilst badly injured, Angel Dragons are made of tougher stuff, but not for what was to happen next. Naturally begrudging of her attacker, she cursed under her breath repeatedly as she feigned death to hopefully not end up in a worse state.

However, the "goods" could sense her seething aggressions and rose from its dormance - a Resentment Daemon, an abomination from the Infernal Civil Wars, was awakened by the grudge and slaughtered its helpless captors, flaying their bodies into bloodied pulps and ripping their souls out to devour. It didn't take long for the daemon to latch onto the source of the resentment that had awoken it and it proceeded to rip Johannah's soul from her body, and began to devour her. Had it not been for the timely intervention of Giovanni, the Resentment Daemon would have done far more harm. Giovanni proceeded to exorcise the daemon, using the tip of his commandment staff to order it to "return from whence it came". However, by some terrible coincidence, the soul of Johannah was still in its throat and it returned to the dead body as the daemon was cast back to Inferno.

Unable to get the soul to separate from the body it was compulsively driven back to, Giovanni was forced to resurrect the fallen angel as Înger the Resentful, until such a time will come when the commandment curse can be removed. A day that may still be a long time away.
Balaur the Feral by MorbiusMonster
Balaur the Feral
Long after the Shadowlands War finally ended, and the Edicts of Non-Interference were written, Basil Kirby was selected to join the Ritual Cult for the 13th Ritual. Basil was on Giovanni's team, representing his home region of the Battlefield, wielding a mighty strength that was unparalleled, which triggered when he held onto his sword. The Ritual was proceeding as planned, with the largest number of survivors making it to the Ritual Site, but most of the world was oblivious to the tensions rising in the Vampire City of Cruor. As Ritual XIII fell on an important anniversary of the Shadowlands War, Regal Supremacists, trying to restore the "noble" vampiric blood, had been committing a number of acts of terror against the people of the Shadowlands in the hopes of re-igniting the war. Eventually, their attacks reached their peak when they breached the Ritual Site, resulting in all but five of the twenty four cultists being slaughtered, Basil being amongst the survivors. However, after concluding the Ritual and rejuvenating Animus, Balaur betrayed his companions, driven to madness at how he failed his fallen comerades, but was soon supressed by the four remaining survivors. He was imprisoned in Daemon's Cage, until he would be rehabilitated.

However, Basil soon sought to prove just how strong he was and broke out of the prison, being the only only to have done so without outside help and went back to the Battlefields to fight in a tournament to the death to reveal the real happenings of Ritual XIII, which had been largely kept quiet. Before facing his final opponent, Giovanni approached Basil, asking he turn away and not risk any more bloodshed, but Basil was adamant to speak the truth. In the final match, the identity of the champion facing Basil was revealed - Giovanni Magnus. Still refusing the back down, Basil threw everything he had at Giovanni, managing to nearly overpower the lycanthrope, but forgot a crucial Achilles' heel in his strength - Giovanni was the one who gave him that power and he could inhibit it at will. Defeated, Basil insisted on Giovanni killing him.

Unable to let such a proud warrior go, Giovanni resurrected Basil soon after, naming him Balaur the Feral, due to his beastly rage in combat. The final words of Basil Kirby still haunt Giovanni - "One way or another, the world will know the truth about Ritual XIII!" Certainly the truth about the deaths and the acts of terror were made public, but the truth about how the Ritual works are still concealed.
Vulpe the Damned by MorbiusMonster
Vulpe the Damned
With but a few days away from his retirement as a lumberjack in the Mountains, Tristram Browne was set to retire, and spend time with his family, who were expecting his first grandchild. However, it seems the Angelic Forces didn't get the memo, and the logging company he was working with was assaulted by a platoon of zealots - angels with puritan issues, and a loose hand on their leashes. Thanks to his remarkable aim, Tristram was able to ensure no one in his company were badly injured by the angelic abominations, who had it in their head that these random lumberjacks had blasphemed and deserved to die. Feeling the need to use his skills elsewhere, Tristram signed up as a mercenary alongside Giovanni, during the Heavenly Trials conflicts, that sought to repel the angelic forces, who began trying to fight over Animus, in addition to the Infernal beings and vampires already waging war in the Shadowlands. Despite his immense skill, Tristram was reckless, and gradually came to endanger his colleagues in the field of battle, whilst he went after the Zealous Angels.

When word emerged that his new granddaughter had been kidnapped, he was willing to go all out against the soon-to-dead sons of bitches who dared to come after his loved ones. The night before the planned assault, he left ahead of schedule, stealing a large amount of equipment, including to motorised shakram that Giovanni had made for him. Upon discovering that Tristram had left, Giovanni checked his bunker, only to find out that Tristram had been collecting the judicial golden masks of the Zealots. Not only is it heresy for them to be removed, but the masks are slightly telepathic, allowing their users to find individuals who fall for their vices and feed information about them to other Zealots - in his greed for the gold, Tristram had given away details of the whole raid.

Only when it was too late did Tristram realise he had condemned himself, but thankfully the raid still managed to drive back most of the Zealots, however the grandfather never got to see his granddaughter with his own eyes. As penance, the Zealots forced Tristram to wander in purgatory, until his resurrection restored the soul, only to be damned into repaying his debt to his fellow soldiers as Vulpe. One day, he may be forgiven, and may come to see his granddaughter again, with his one, perfectly precise eye.
Thylax the Wrath by MorbiusMonster
Thylax the Wrath
As the Shadowlands War had escalated and reached the regions known as the Carnival District, one of the thylacine tribes, under the governance of King Pinadri XII, fretted for the welfare of their nomadic brethren, whom were declining at an unprecedented rate, faced almost with extinction, due to the vampiric love for the blood of thylacines. Consulting with the shaman of his tribe, the King sought to give his son, Prince Cobar VII, the trident of elements. He led his son to the temple, where he found the fabled trident, which gave Cobar the power of the elemental wrath - the control the wind, fire, earth and waters, around him. Cobar, as the last hope for his people, joined the Insurrection and fought bravely for a very long time, helping defeat hordes of beasts that sought control of Animus. However, the enemy was cunning and unleashed a new weapon onto Cobar's platoon - a poison gas that sentient and could not be controlled by the trident. Cobar suffocated, his last living thoughts about the people he was leaving to fate, how he'd disappointed them, how he was unfit to wield their legendary trident...

But it wasn't their trident - the trident was an ordinary weapon, until King Pinadri XII spoke with the witches of Glacies to imbue the trident with elemental power, offering his son to them if they did so. The witches consulted Giovanni Magnus to help with the magical ritual and as he was the last of the four sorcerers that worked on the trident, Cobar would come to serve him in his draugr state. Now, he could be the pride of his tribe, ensuring their survival, though he would be denied the crown his father would eventually have passed onto him - either by his own pride or their ancient laws, the reason is unknown. If he was, he'd be Thylax the Wrath I.
Liliac the Forsaken by MorbiusMonster
Liliac the Forsaken
Suzanne Hennimore was born deaf and crippled during the Shadowlands War, leading her to suffer prominently during childhood. Magic helped aid her somewhat to repair her damaged senses and physiology, but her time spent with other crippled beings made her feel an obligation to help those who were suffering with problems, thus creating her famous drones, which could help others with problems such a mutism, blindness, and epilepsy. Suzanne's medical knowledge and skills as a medic resulted in her joining the Insurrection, alongside Giovanni, after seeing vampires harvest a whole group of slaves from a village in the Eternal Forest, not far from hers. Giovanni helped her operate on other beings, such as Paradise and Infernal beings, but her compassion was eventually her undoing, when she was curing daemons in No-Man's-Land during a ceasefire, when one approached her from behind and snapped her neck.

The next thing Suzanne knew was how much agony she was in, as her ear laid in the mud, but she could suddenly see sounds and could hear her drones coming in to help her, helping to replace the broken bones in her neck and help her recover, as well as tracking the soldiers who left her for dead and finishing them off. It seems that Giovanni had her drones fitted with one usage of the necromancy spell he'd previous used on others. Though she denies it, rumour circulated around both sides that should you ever abandon your allies, her drones would come after the cowards and exact the revenge of those that were left behind - the drones of Liliac the Forsaken.
The 13 Rules
1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, RP, etc.
12. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13. Cussing is ALLOWED.

13 Facts
1. When I was 17, I had 8 wolf shirts and insisted on wearing a different one for each exam I had for my final year.
2. I originally considered having six draugr, but stuck with four, because the remaining two weren't as interesting.
3. For a month in 2011, I had red hair. Never dyed it since.
4. I originally got into the furry fandom to learn how to draw werewolves.
5. I own a wand - bocote shaft, butternut handle and dragon heartstring core.
6. I can write in Elder Futhark. My artist signature is Elder Futhark for the letter M.
7. I still think the Wii U is the better of the next gen consoles, despite poor sales - Xbox One and PS4 put way too much emphasis on blogging first, rather than gaming.
8. I tried to learn Na'vi, but failed. I have a phrasebook for Dothraki.
9. For a short while, I tried to learn Braille. I managed to do pretty well, but it's hard to keep the texture with only basic paper.
10. I don't tend to keep DVDs - I buy them, rip them and then get rid of them. It's just easier that way.
11. Every plush on my bed has a name.
12. I used to live off noodles and fried chicken - right up until I caught a stomach bug.
13. Arbitrary facts are hard.

13 Answers.
1.  ice cream or popsicles? Popsicles
2. whats your favorite underwear look like? *what type is it, colour, et) One word, commando
3. do you like kitties? I prefer puppies
4. describe your physical build IRL Plump
5. do you have an online persona, if so why that character? I'm a leftie. If anyone found out I was a leftie, then it makes it hard to get by.
6. favorite TV show QI
7. do u rp much? Not much
8. WAR?! What is it good for? Giving jumped up crazies and ego boost, so they forget how abysmally small their penises are
9. penis? PINGAS
10. what is your dream in life? Equality for all
11.  what's your fondest memory? Cards Against Humanity
12.  what's your favorite season? Winter - I like cold.
13. when was the last time you went out with friends? Earlier in July. We saw Inside Out - awesome sauce!

13 Questions
1. Be honest, how often do you wash?
2. What is the state of your bedroom right now?
3. What track is the most listened to on your audio device?
4. How many extra controllers do you have for your favourite console?
5. If you see anything that is reduced which you can afford, even if it's nothing particularly needed, do you grab it anyway?
6. Do you follow gut feelings often?
7. Right or left handed?
8. Can you do any impressions?
9. Are you a procrastinator?
10. Truth or dare?
11. Did you have a favourite pet?
12. If you pass by someone walking their dog in the street who is excited to see you, do you pay more attention to the dog or the person?
13. Do you keep boxes for gadgets you don't even own anymore?

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Clive Ewers
United Kingdom
The name is Clive Ewers, otherwise known as the MorbiusMonster on most sites.

No specialist training or schooling like other artists, I just picked up a pencil (most likely an HB) and tried to come up with something, whilst trying to look as if I was pretending to study.

Loving dA, it's nice to have something with your name all over it (or at least a name that you associate as one of your own, despite actually no one even saying it to you). I love doing art, especially when I can actually do it, but I've always had something of a strange gift with writing.

Want a commission? Put in a request. If something turns up, I usually perk up and get going on it. I accept tips and advice as well.

Current Residence: Bristol
deviantWEAR sizing preference: LARGE!
Favourite style of art: Anthro!
MP3 player of choice: Philips
Favourite cartoon character: Okami Amaterasu
Personal Quote: "I'm not immortal or indestructable, Celestial Scribes are just hard to get rid of."

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MorbiusMonster Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
I can't guarantee you'll be able to stand up against bullies, but I can tell you that once Confuzzled is over, I'll be happy to talk about fursuit heads. I've done wolf fursuit heads a number of times, so I will definitely love to make another one.
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